Why We Invested in Wise Apple

This past weekend, my wife and I were blessed to welcome our third child into the world. A new baby is an extraordinarily exciting and inspiring experience. It is also equal parts terrifying, nerve wracking and exhausting. But infancy is of course only a first step. In my five short years of being a father, I’ve watched my children develop into thoughtful, sensitive people – while also learning a lot about myself, and my own strengths/weaknesses.

Raising a family in 2017 is a lot different than in prior generations and the changes are accelerating. For children in two parent homes, 61% experience having both parents working throughout the day. Although many parents are able to take a leave when children are born, 65% of women report being back at work by the time their children are six years old. Today’s parents also live farther from their families than ever before – reducing the amount of aid & support new dads and moms receive; in my situation, for example, the closest grandparent is 750 miles away. When compounded with the reality that in general we live in a high-stress, fast paced world, it’s often our children who end up taking the brunt of our anxieties. Of course no parent wants to take their own stress out on their children – and yet we all admit that we do.

Wise Apple is a convenient service focused on making one single, high stress part of each parent’s day more relaxed and enjoyable: the morning school rush. Wise Apple won’t dress your kids for you, but it will save you 15-30 minutes each morning during crunch time, allowing parents to skip the toaster oven and fifth cheese sandwich of the week, in favor of playful, simple, yet healthy foods that are entirely prepared and swappable in and out, depending on your child’s preferences.

On the surface,Wise Apple is a food company – but at its core, the Company is selling time: time to eat breakfast with your children, extra time to play with the kids on the couch, an extra book in the morning, or maybe even just getting to sleep 20 minutes earlier the night before. There are lots of food providers in the world – and that’s why the hard working team atWise Apple – Rebecca, Nate, Courtney, Chef Tony and more – have focused on providing delightful experiences: from silly food characters to interactive online menus that your children can choose with you to swappable lunch containers so that each day’s lunch is customized specific to your child.

As parents, we appreciate every incremental convenience and we are proud to support Wise Apple in their mission of making mornings better and our childrens’ diets healthier. But as investors, we know that there are hundreds more problems to solve. From prohibitively expensive child care to insufficient – or sometimes downright offensive – corporate parental leave policies, to the devastating effects of post-partum depression. We’re proud to support companies such as Wise Apple making our kids healthier, Pearachute making kids activities more affordable and flexible, and Mac & Mia in making kids clothing more accessible. But we recognize that there’s more work to do and look forward to supporting more startups focused on making parents and childrens’ lives better across our future funds and for many years into the future.


Ezra Galston

Posted On

August 29, 2017


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