Chicago Ventures and #MovingForward

We recently posted our policies against harassment, discrimination and retaliation on the #MovingFoward website, which highlights VCs committed to diverse, inclusive, and harassment-free workplaces.

You can read our policies here. And read more about why the #MovingForward Co-Founders launched the initiative:

Why #MovingForward

  • Value for Firms: VCs say the process of making their policies public and establishing reporting lines has sparked conversations and aligned the firm’s partnership internally around this matter. We hope this movement further motivates that process.
  • Value for Founders: #MovingForward strives to make it easier for founders to review policies, find supportive investors, and identify a reporting contact. If you don’t see your investors here, share this project with them.

But really, why are you doing this?

A small group of entrepreneurs came together with three goals:

  • Launch a public, collective step forward for the venture industry. We aim to highlight each firm’s approach and commitment so that we can learn and move together. Crafting external anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies is just a first step––there’s much more do to, and a number of organizations are launching initiatives to catalyze real change.
  • Facilitate transparent reporting channels and information routes. Entrepreneurs facing harassment or discrimination are often unsure where to go to report. It can feel like going public is the only choice, and as such, our community faces a large issue of under-reporting. One way firms can address this need is by providing formal point(s)-of-contact for entrepreneurs. Some VCs are working with third-party HR consulting groups to nail down the proper templates/policies or reporting channels for raising concerns. We also support having internal point(s)-of-contact contact who can answer questions about the firm’s policy and provide further information if need be.
  • Provide a universal, open-source, and evolving wiki for continuous updates. As policies and supporting strategies evolve and the industry continues to iterate, we want to provide an open forum for any firm to self-report their efforts. We’ve hosting this directory on GitHub.

If you’re a VC hoping to develop a policy of your own, this site has a variety of resources that you can use, or check out these guidelines from Ginny Fahs, Co-Founder of #MovingForward.

If you’re an entrepreneur, check that the VCs you are raising money from have publicly posted their policies (and stick to them!), or ask your existing VCs to add their policy to this site.


Lindsay Knight

Posted On

June 21, 2018



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