PreFix is the Primary Care Physician for Your Home: Read Why We Invested.

By Rob Chesney, CV GP and PreFix Board Member.

In a world where innovation is relentlessly eradicating every remaining friction from our lives – see this example – it is healthy, as investors, to be reminded that large, broken consumer markets still exist.

If you are among the over 100 million American homeowners that spend over $3,000 and 30 hours a year in an effort to service and maintain your home, you are painfully aware that removing the hassle and cost of home ownership remains a huge opportunity. Many of us are proud of remembering to change our HVAC air filters every few months but have you ever cleaned the condensate line? Me neither. Proactive steps like that can save thousands of dollars down the line.

However, most consumers are overwhelmed by these tasks and don’t know where to turn. The biggest problem they face is one of whom to trust for help and advice. The highly varied cost and complexity of things that can go wrong in your home lead to a significant asymmetry of information between consumers and service providers. Unfortunately, the current landscape of lead generation marketplaces and anti-consumer warranty products do little to address this fundamental challenge.

When we met James Bilodeau and the team at PreFix, we knew their customer-centric solution was the right answer for this huge market and we are thrilled to announce our investment in the Company.

Prefix is aiming to be the primary care physician for your home.

For $40 month, you are assigned a dedicated Home Manager who performs preventative maintenance on all of your appliances and systems twice a year and is then available to you 365 days a year for on call support on any other maintenance related issues in your home. If they can’t fix the problem, it is their job to find the right person who will – no hidden fees, no referral revenue, just the right answer for you.

We are proud to support the PreFix team’s dual mission of becoming the trusted partner that homeowners have been waiting for, while also building challenging career opportunities for its employees. The majority of the Company’s employees are military veterans whose unique skill sets and strong work ethic form the backbone of this service.

The Company will use the funds to continue to expand its presence in Texas and to add new service offerings for customers. If you live in Austin and want to spend time owning your home but not the hassles, sign up here.

Lindsay Knight

Posted On

October 2, 2019



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