We’re seed stage tech investors.

Chicago Ventures launched in 2012 with support from Chicago’s leading entrepreneurs and investors.

They noticed that Chicago and the central region of the country had many of the ingredients of successful startup communities: dedication to building sustainable businesses, strong quality of life and low cost of living, close proximity to over a third of all Fortune 500 companies, and top-notch university systems — missing, though, was access to smart, connected, experienced capital.

That’s why we’re here.

We understand that entrepreneurs need varying levels of guidance from their investors. While we can’t speak for ourselves, the companies we invest in tell us that our ability to resonate with them as entrepreneurs — and connect with them as people — is an added bonus to our operator backgrounds and network of investors and advisors, customers, talent, and later-stage investors.

[Don’t take our word for it. Ask them directly.]

Investment focus

We invest in tech-enabled enterprise and consumer businesses — with investments in analytics, B2B2C, sales and marketing SaaS, payments/loyalty, healthcare IT, and marketplace/on-demand services.

We’re committed to supporting our companies during their early growth. In fact, we have the highest follow-on rate for all micro VCs outside of the coasts.

Our team

Our team is a group of operators with deep roots in the Chicago tech community.

Investment Committee