Monthly tools and training to make men better, delivered to your door every month.



Daniel Alarik




Chicago, IL

About Alpha Outpost

Alpha Outpost is a monthly subscription box company. We work with experts in many different fields from former Military masters, outdoor specialists, survivalists, and even an ex-master trainer from the CIA. These experts help us put the tools and training together each month to help our subscribers dominate different scenarios in life. Scenarios from: surviving a hostage situation to a cold weather car break down to emergency medical situations. Our job is simple, we provide the tools and training to make men better.

The Founding Story

One of the proudest moments in CEO Daniel Alarik’s life was when he was an Infantry Drill Sergeant at Fort Benning, Georgia. Making an impact on young men’s lives by giving them the tools and training to not just survive, but to win on the battlefield, is an experience he’ll never forget.

Alpha Outpost was started by taking that same idea, but crossing it over to many more genres than just military training. There are countless scenarios that men could encounter at any time: but are they prepared?

Daniel started the company by using what he learned from a sister company, Grunt Style dominates the military culture style apparel market, and the team wants to take those assets, lessons and community to build beyond just clothing and pride. They want to provide the ability to make men better (yes, they have plenty of awesome women customers, too).

In October 2015, Alpha Outpost started with just a simple box and a scenario. What would happen to the average American man if he were stuck in the wild for just 48 hours? Most would go hungry, tired and cold. With just the items in a box to include some easy to remember steps from an expert, Alpha Outpost can take that average man and help him survive in that same scenario. This is the idea that started Alpha Outpost. Every month, the company offers a new theme and new problem, and solves it with tools and training in every box. Today, their collection of experts and scenarios is growing rapidly beyond just wilderness survival. The team continues to push the boundaries of what makes us better.