Mac & Mia provides a personalized at-home shopping experience for moms and dads of newborns to six year olds.



Marie Tillman




Chicago, IL

About Mac & Mia

Save time shopping for your family, so you can spend time being with them. Mac & Mia offers parents a remarkably easy way to shop for curated items of style and quality (from the comfort of your home). Each item is hand-selected to meet your unique taste by a real person and shipped to your door – for free! It takes a village – and we’re happy to be a part of yours. The service works in three easy steps – 1. take the style quiz 2. request a box 3. pay for what you keep.

The Founding Story

Mac & Mia was born out of the belief that shopping for kids should be convenient but also fun and full of quality unique pieces to fit their little personalities. We understand the struggles of a working parent and trying to do it all. Kids, a career, a household – how do you keep it all running smoothly without going crazy? We want the convenience of delivery without the sameness of mainstream retailers or hours spent searching online for unique pieces. Our team is focused on finding the best emerging and established brands and delivering a personalized experience to busy families.