PreparedHealth is focused on helping people get well faster and stay well longer in the comfort of their home.



Ashish Shah, CEO/Co-Founder

David Coyle, Co-Founder




Chicago, IL

About PreparedHealth

90% of Americans want to age in their home, but don’t know how. PreparedHealth does. By organizing a comprehensive network of home and community-based providers, they are making it easier for consumers, health plans and ACOs to explore, learn and engage with the rapidly growing number of services that keep people happy and healthy in their homes. And, with predictive and actionable data analysis, they are empowering a shrinking workforce to better manage and care for their growing patient base. Their solutions include enTouch™, a total relationship management network for healthcare, and DINA™, a digital nursing assistant that continuously analyzes data to enable evidence-based care transitions and interventions.

The Founding Story

After successfully building the largest and most productive Health Information Network in the U.S., two healthcare tech veterans – David Coyle and Ashish V. Shah — reconnected to solve a very personal problem — how to keep their aging parents healthy at home and out of the hospital.

Not long after Ashish’s father suddenly passed in June of 2011, the two began to discuss and research why so many around the world struggle to support a person’s goal of aging in place. To add to Ashish’s experience, David grapples daily with this problem as he cares for his 90-year-old mother in Ireland. The research was compelling and found that those who can often help, home-based providers and family caregivers, lack the knowledge and technology to properly partner with traditional healthcare systems – hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, insurance companies, and medical suppliers. With strong personal conviction, a historical track record of success, and a committed innovation partner in BAYADA Home Health Care, the two launched PreparedHealth in January 2015. They quickly released the enTouch™ network as well as DINA™, a digital nursing assistant and delivered nationally recognized outcomes.  Since their launch, the company has attracted strong national interest, as well as a new Chicago-based client – Centegra Health System.