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Lindsay Gaskins




Chicago, IL

About Stuff Savvy

Introducing Stuff Savvy: Submit photos of collectibles you own or antiques you’ve inherited, and our Savvy Specialists will identify & value your items in less than 24 hours.  Stuff Savvy is the quickest way to determine if stuff you own or find is trash of treasure.  Our team of Savvy Specialists have been Collectors, Experts and Appraisers for decades. By leveraging this network of people power and empowering them with proprietary evaluation technology, we are revolutionizing the Stuff Appraisal marketplace.

The Founding Story

Stuff Savvy, a new startup founded by renowned entrepreneurial e-commerce, marketing, and retail leader Lindsay Gaskins was recently launched in the Chicagoland area. The former Marbles: The Brain Store co-founder and CEO experienced a pain point in helping her mother downsize her estate over the summer. The downsizing process was challenging and time intensive, and there wasn’t a service out there to help. Gaskins’ concept was quickly validated through conversations with her friends who were experiencing similar challenges with their own parents and their own stuff.