Democratizing Furnishing: Our Investment in Havenly

We’ve all been there; whether it’s a new home, an apartment or even a dorm room – furnishing it is surprisingly hard. For some of us, the process involves an interior designer. For others, it might be multiple trips to Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware or West Elm. Still for others, it might be a trip to Ikea and some searching on Wayfair.

Whatever the process has looked like for you in the past, it almost certainly demanded dozens of hours of time, many unique decisions, and exhausting logistical oversight. But today, Chicago Ventures is proud to announce its investment in Denver-based Havenly alongside Foundry Group – in an effort to solve the pain of home design and democratize furnishing once and for all.

Havenly is extraordinarily intuitive and cost conscious: complete a five minute style quiz, upload your favorite designs from Houzz or Pinterest (if you choose), detail the dimensions of your room, set your budget, and be automatically connected with a professional interior designer who will send you multiple visual mockups of your room within 48 hours. Revisions are included. And your designer will aggregate all links to and details of the suggested furnishings (as well as alternates) in one central dashboard. Check out with a single click or even go purchase in-store. Total cost to you? Under $200.

Last week, we published a high level insight into our working theses on the furniture space at VentureBeat: Furnageddon – Why Furniture Is On the Cusp of Big Disruption. In particular, we believe that furniture is particularly well suited to human-curated, personalized commerce – a similar strategy to what drove Trunk Club’s impressive growth.

Havenly’s founders, Lee, Emily, Jessie and Gabe have impressively executed a robust platform and built significant demand, all in a matter of months and on minimal resources. Cultivating and maintaining a top tier customer experience – especially given the business complexity and logistical moving parts – requires both operational excellence and a strong technological base. We are confident this is the team that can make it happen and we encourage the entire Chicago Ventures community to give the service a try at!

Lindsay Knight

Posted On

November 4, 2015



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