Unveiling Protégé: Be heard. Get discovered.

Talent is distributed globally, but opportunity is not.

(This is a post written by the company founders: the original can be found on the Protégé website here.)

The reality of life is that we are all born into a lottery of where we grow up, who our parents are, and what connections we have.

Irrespective of talent or work ethic, there are gatekeepers in every industry who control access to the elite opportunities — whether it be music, acting, or business. To break into almost any field, you need some form of introduction or connection.

Every successful person we’ve ever met has told us about a mentor who changed their life. Someone who showed them the ropes or took a shot on them. But it can be hard to find those people if you don’t have access to the right networks. This is why we created Protégé.


Our mission is to democratize access to your dream career. We help students be heard and get discovered. We believe that every person deserves a shot at proving themselves.

For the first time ever, you can submit a 60 second video to the best experts in the world and get a guaranteed video response and a shot at a life-changing opportunity. You can send DJ Khaled a hip hop beat for his next album; Bebe Rexha a vocal melody you are working on; or Jason Alexander your monologue you’ve been trying to perfect.

With a diverse group of experts from multiple industries, our platform is like American Idol meets Project Runway meets Shark Tank. But unlike those mass-market shows, we are able to go so much deeper, creating opportunities in the narrowest of categories, from R&B to Comedy, and forging real relationships between experts and students.

Application fees range from $10 to $200 depending on the expert. If you can’t afford the fee for the feedback video, you can apply for a scholarship by getting upvoted by your friends and family.


We both struggled to be heard and get discovered. Jackson put his music aspirations aside when it seemed impossible to break through. Mike struggled to break into the start-up world coming from enterprise tech. We consider ourselves both lucky and persistent enough to find mentors who believed in us and helped set us up for success.

Now, as founders, we have a chance to build the platform we needed earlier in our careers. We are building a more open, accessible world – where no matter how out of reach an expert may seem, anyone can get 60 seconds of their time to prove themselves, disrupting the traditional power systems that have historically held many back.And it’s working! It’s been unbelievably uplifting for our company to follow along the stories of unknown musicians shooting their shot with the biggest names in music and then to be selected for life-altering opportunities.


It has been an honor to be supported by this amazing group of experts, investors, family, and teammates who have all helped us reach this point in our journey. Though we’ve come a long way so far, we are just getting started.If you are struggling to be heard, if you have a dream but need help getting there, or if you want to help us build this company, come join us at Protégé, where anyone can be heard and get discovered.

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Lindsay Knight

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March 18, 2022



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