We invest in overlooked teams.

Chicago Ventures launched in 2012 to fill an acute market gap. At the time, early-stage capital flowed as if innovation were restricted by geography. Venture dollars were raised and distributed all within a few select area codes.

We believed then, and know today, that enduring companies can be built anywhere, by anyone.

How We Operate

We lead seed rounds before it’s obvious, and serve as active, operationally-involved partners during a company’s earliest days. We’ve funded fads, toys, rebuilds, spin-outs, un-scalables, small TAMs, and unproven founders.

View our full portfolio here, and read about how we partner with the startups we invest in here. If you’re a founder building an overlooked company, we’d love to talk.

Our team

Our team is a group of operators with deep roots in the Chicago tech community.