CoPilot is your personal car shopping expert in the palm of your hand.



Pat Ryan Jr., CEO




Chicago, IL and Austin, TX

About CoPilot

CoPilot is your expert partner who makes it easy to navigate every step of the car shopping process, helping you discover the right car at the best possible price so you can buy with confidence.

Founding Story

Before CoPilot, our founding team worked together building analytical software for the auto industry. We found ourselves constantly being asked by friends and family to help them navigate the car shopping process. Our friends and family didn’t know a lot about cars but wanted to make sure that they got a good car that met their needs, at a fair price. If they weren’t already a car expert, they felt like the deck was stacked against them.

Thus the role of unofficial “CoPilot” was born. While none of us had ever worked in a car dealership or for an auto manufacturer, we had access to some of the most powerful data in the industry and harnessed it to help our friends and family take the time and frustration out of the process and to empower them to feel like “the smartest car shopper out there” (as they told us).

When we looked into why they couldn’t find these insights on their own we learned that the most valuable data was only provided to car dealers and auto manufacturers. The “books” that you find online make their money by selling subscriptions to dealers to help them convince consumers to buy their car at the dealer’s price.

We spun out the consumer rights to the data platform that we’d built for our SaaS company and used it as a foundation to build out the most powerful data platform possible.​We then built software to automate a lot of the work that we did as CoPilots but (as you can see in some of our analysis) there is always a person behind your CoPilot experience.

You are the one spending the money for one of the biggest purchases you’ll make. We want to make sure that you never have to fly solo. Today, we are pioneering Assisted Commerce for car shopping. Over time we aspire to provide you with an expert CoPilot for all of your big ticket purchases.

To maintain our credibility as your trusted partner, we have rejected the typical business model of selling leads, advertising or the like to car dealers. This allows us to ensure that your CoPilot recommendations will always be the best answers for you and never influenced by anything else.

So how will we make money?As our network of CoPilot members grows we will begin to gain buying power (like an affinity group) to help our members save money on products like auto insurance. This will allow us to continue to provide significant value to our members while also earning revenue for CoPilot.