FranShares allows investors to generate income through ownership in a portfolio of franchises for as little as $500 with no fees.



Kenny Rose, Founder & CEO





About FranShares

FranShares creates a portfolio of multiple franchise locations across multiple industries for diversification. When you invest, you get ownership in all of them. Our industry experts have vetted hundreds of franchise brands that are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. We carefully select which brands to invest in based on profitability, growth, manageability, recession resistance, and executive leadership. FranShares handles all aspects of franchise management from location creation and hiring to ongoing operations at no extra cost. One of the top complaints of investors is high fees, we heard you and are putting our money where our mouth is. FranShares charges zero fees. We partner with our investors in every fund, generally putting up 20% of the total cost for 20% ownership. We receive distributions when our investors do. Additionally we receive our proportionate share of any franchise sale in the future and earn brokerage commissions from the franchisor, not out of our investors returns. FranShares pays out extra income to all investors to create a passive income stream. We encourage investors to plan to hold their investment for 5-10 years in order to see fully scaled up income and future exits. Franchises are highly sought after targets of investors and private equity. A secondary marketplace allows you to sell your shares to other investors if you need it early.

Founding Story

Founder and CEO Kenny Rose started off in finance at Merrill Lynch but coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he sought out how to confidently go into business ownership and was introduced to franchising. As a franchise broker, he helped individuals identify, evaluate, and buy a franchise matching their long term goals. He founded Semfia, a franchise brokerage focused on income-producing and manager-run franchises. His views on franchising have reached over 300 million people. Although people want to generate additional income, franchising is out of reach because of six figure cash minimums and having the time and skillset to run a franchise.