ItemMaster was acquired by Syndigo LLC in 2019.



Andrew Parkinson, Founder

Thomas Parkinson, Founder

Dev Ganeson, CEO




Chicago, IL



About ItemMaster

More than 1,000 retailers, agencies and mobile app developers access ItemMaster as a one-stop source of certified brand content through our open exchange network. This allows ItemMaster to offer manufacturers real-time analytics and actionable brand data to drive business decisions. A privately held company, ItemMaster already supports Complete and Verified™ content for over 1,700 manufacturers and is on a mission to reinvent and deliver packaging for the 21st century.

The Founding Story

ItemMaster was founded, within Peapod, in 2009 by brothers, Thomas and Andrew Parkinson. The company was born out of the need to provide manufacturer product content, data and images to retailers. This in turn, provided manufacturers with control over their brand assets- assets which are a necessity to fuel marketing, mobile, e-commerce, self-checkout, planning and merchandising initiatives across retailer, e-tailers and mobile applications. In March of 2016, ItemMaster became a wholly independent company with the mission to bring brands to life – Every brand. Everywhere.