Kapow was acquired by Cvent in 2018.



Chris Brown, CEO

Marc Halpin, Co-Founder

Dan McCormick, Co-Founder/COO

Michael Timpone, Co-Founder/Strategy




Chicago, IL



About Kapow

Kapow connects companies with venues to book unique client events online. Our curated marketplace offers a more efficient way for companies to book events designed to acquire, engage and retain clients at no additional cost. Our online tools cover events from start to finish, helping venues manage their events and allowing companies to measure the success of an event. Venues fill their space during non-peak hours and drive corporate business while busy professionals focus on building relationships with clients.

The Founding Story

Early in his career, Kapow founder, Marc Halpin, entertained clients as a way to generate business. However, he rarely had time to search for unique events and reach out to venues. When he met his co-founders, Dan and Mike, they realized there was a gap in the market for a platform that helps busy professionals quickly find and book events. In 2012, Kapow launched in Chicago to help salespeople sell to their clients in a strategic and cost-effective way through corporate events.