Kin is dedicated to simplifying the homeowners insurance market.



Sean Harper, Co-Founder

Lucas Ward, Co-Founder/CTO




Chicago, IL

About Kin Insurance

Kin Insurance is a data-driven, homeowners insurance platform dedicated to simplifying an inefficient, $100B market. They use public data sources, satellite photos, and smart home devices to provide precise information about a client’s home in seconds. This data allows them to remove barriers, improve pricing, and insure clients with better policies. Kin is currently active in Florida, Texas, Georgia and Alabama. Kin is led by Co-Founders Sean Harper and Lucas Ward.

The Founding Story

Lucas and Sean have both co-founded multiple financial technology companies including FeeFighters and Rippleshot. Recently, they both bought houses and were shocked by the insurance process. Insuring a house is like stepping 50 years into the past – antiquated computer systems, local brokers, long signup forms, etc. Most of the innovation that has happened recently in lending, payments and stock trading hasn’t reached insurance yet.

Unlike most consumers, they were in a good position to fix the problem and set to work building home insurance from scratch for the modern consumer.