LogicGate is a leading process automation and workflow management platform enabling organizations to automate and centralize governance, risk and compliance programs.



Matt Kunkel, CEO/Co-Founder

Jon Siegler, CPO/Co-Founder

Dan Campbell, Co-Founder




Chicago, IL

About LogicGate

LogicGate is software that allows businesses to automate risk and compliance operations by visually designing their end-to-end workflows and deploying them as self-contained process applications, without writing a single line of code.

LogicGate makes it easy for organizations to quickly deploy processes to solve common risk and compliance problems using our best practice solution templates. Using LogicGate allows organizations to break free from their reliance on corporate IT, vendors and consulting firms by allowing non-technical employees to create self-service solutions. LogicGate provides transparency, auditability, and serves as a centralized repository to streamline work across all levels of your organization, where Excel and e-mails fall short.

The Founding Story

LogicGate was founded in July 2015 by former risk & compliance technology consultants Matt Kunkel, Jon Siegler, and Dan Campbell with the mission to empower organizations to implement a self-service process automation technology to solve complex governance, risk, and compliance issues.

In a former life, they led teams that built custom enterprise systems from the ground up, helping some of the largest financial institutions, pharma, and healthcare companies comply with government regulations and avoid billion-dollar government fines. They had a front row seat to the absurd amount of time and money enterprises were spending on creating solutions that left the business totally at the mercy of corp IT, consultants or outside venders. LogicGate was created to solve this problem.