NOCD is a digital behavioral health company focused on identifying and managing people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, a psychiatric condition that often leads to substance use disorders and severe depression when left untreated.



Stephen Smith, CEO

Larry Trusky, CTO




Chicago, IL

About NOCD

NOCD is an award-winning digital behavioral health company focused on identifying people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and managing them using evidence-based treatment. Although OCD affects 2-3% of the population and has been ranked by the W.H.O as a top-ten most disabling condition, over 90% of the OCD population isn’t able to access effective care due to stigma and misdiagnosis. As a result, OCD patients often go untreated and suffer in silence, which is why they often develop substance use disorders and die by suicide at a rate ten times that of the general population.

NOCD is solving this global problem with our network of OCD-trained licensed mental health providers. In the NOCD app, members get video-based diagnostic interviews and teletherapy sessions, message-based support, peer communities, and tech-enabled therapeutic tools. This integrated treatment model has been  shown by Columbia University Medical Center to reduce OCD severity by 40% in 8 weeks on average.

Today, NOCD manages the largest community of OCD patients in the world and has been financially supported by Chicago Ventures, 7Wire Ventures, Meridian Street Capital, and Hyde Park Angels.

Founding Story

A few of our team members have struggled immensely with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Trapped in a cycle of disturbing thoughts and exhausting attempts to get rid of them, we began to pull away from school, work, relationships, and family life.

We learned firsthand how hard it is to get any helpful information, receive a useful diagnosis, and find a specialist who’s affordable and has any availability.

Eventually, we received evidence-based treatment and got better. But getting effective care for OCD shouldn’t be this hard, and people shouldn’t have to figure it all out while they’re already struggling. That’s what motivates us to make NOCD a comprehensive resource for anyone with OCD around the world.