Olive is an end-to-end technology evaluation platform that helps consultants and IT leaders streamline the software selection process.



Chris Heard, CEO and Founder




Vancouver, Canada and Chicago

About Olive

Olive’s intelligent SaaS platform helps companies make the best technology decisions, fast. The process of selecting technology solutions for your business needs today is manual, and prone to bias. Olive helps companies collaborate with internal stakeholders and third-party providers to deliver on desired outcomes more effectively, and efficiently than ever before.

Founding Story

In 2018, Olive co-founder Chris Heard had just closed a big deal that he knew was not the ideal fit for this particular customer. Chris saw the bias he was able to drive in the decision and wondered how many buying decisions are led by sales people, instead of the buyer. He called Olive co-founder, Dan Harrison, and together they set out to remove the bias and inefficiencies in the world of technology purchasing. Today, Olive helps companies across the world to streamline their technology decision making, swinging the buying power back to the buyers themselves.