Pangea enables consumers to send money to anyone from anywhere at any time using the web, mobile and retail.



Rahier Rahman, Founder

Nishu Thukral, CEO




Chicago, IL and Mexico City



About Pangea

Pangea is a mobile-focused remittance provider that enables consumers to send international money transfers in less than 30 seconds. Through Pangea’s innovative platform, customers can transfer funds internationally, directly to a receiver’s bank account or debit card, or to more than 18,000 cash pickup locations. Pangea is committed to pricing transparency and keeping fees low, so that its customers can save up to 75% in total costs.

The Founding Story

Pangea’s mission is to make international money transfers simple, fair, and safe. Every year, 28 million people in the U.S. send more than $120 billion to their home countries. Traditional money transfer services rely on a complicated system of agents that require extensive paperwork, take up to 45 minutes for a  completed transaction, and charge high fees. Pangea was founded to empower millions of people around the world to send transfers safely in real-time and straight from their mobile devices, while saving on fees so more of their hard-earned money goes to their loved ones.