Prisidio is a life management solution to easily store, organize, and share all of your valuable personal documents and information in one safe and convenient location.



Glenn Shimkus

Paul Koziarz




Chicago, IL

About Prisidio

Prisidio keeps your life organized and keeps you free from chaos. Vital documents, like insurance policies and wills are kept orderly and accessible. The important people in your life are listed with selected access to your digital files and information. And it’s not just about digital, keep track of your physical assets and their physical locations too.

Founding Story

Prisidio was founded by two experienced tech leaders and entrepreneurs, Glenn Shimkus and Paul Koziarz. The kernel of the idea for Prisidio came in 2018 after their friend and lawyer lost his father. When he told Glenn and Paul he wished he had something for all the paperwork he was dealing with, they realized they were the right pair to build this product. As they began to develop Prisidio, Glenn and Paul realized that estate planning was not the primary application for this platform: it’s daily life. We could all use a better digital system to organize our lives.