pulseData uses data to help value-based care enterprises, health plans, and employee-benefit plans deliver proactive, precise care at less cost.



Teddy Cha, CEO

Hai Po Sun, CTO




New York, NY

About pulseData

Kidney Disease is a massive problem in the US. It’s pervasive, costly and hidden. Over 48M Americans have CKD and 90% of them are undiagnosed. Today, patients become aware of their condition and receive care only as it worsens. Reactive care is bad for patients and the healthcare system at large. pulseData predicts preventable bad events by precisely and continuously matching each patient with the right care. The result: better outcomes at lower cost, transparently delivered.


“We’ve learned that health care takes partners, patients, experts, care givers, technologists, data scientists and even regulators – committing together to delivering better and earlier care. We are working on eliminating preventable sickness!” Founder Teddy Cha

“After witnessing my mother and uncle go through years of CKD/ESRD, dialysis, and transplants, I saw ways in which I could apply my knowledge of machine learning techniques to improve kidney care, as well as other areas of chronic care.” Founder Hai Po Sun