Retrofit was acquired by Livongo in 2018.



Jeff Hyman, Founder

Mary Pigatti, CEO




Chicago, IL



About Retrofit

Retrofit is a truly personalized weight-management solution that transforms lives and workplaces. We take the most targeted approach to tackle the biggest health risk factor facing Americans. Retrofit uses the individualized attention of a live coach, a smart app and dashboard for tracking and notifications, expert-led interactive classes, social support from an online community and a variety of self-monitoring technologies to encourage healthy behaviors and lasting weight-loss results. Ninety percent of our clients lose weight and 68 percent keep it off 18 months later.

The Founding Story

As Retrofit founder Jeff Hyman was getting older, he noticed that he also was gaining weight. He tried a series of diets, but all were unsuccessful. After visiting a weight-loss resort where he worked with experts to successfully lose weight and keep it off, he became determined to bring this personalized weight-loss approach to the masses. He founded Retrofit to do just that.