Sunbit is a financial technology company that leverages data-driven, machine learning algorithms to help create fair, transparent and flexible financing options at the retail point of sale.



Arad Levertov, CEO

Tal Riesenfeld, Sales

Tamir Hazan, Analytics

Ornit Dweck-Maizel, R&D




Los Angeles, CA

About Sunbit

Sunbit is building the preferred financing and payment method for everyone: retailers, those with credit, the credit-limited and people without any credit at all. At the transactional inflection point, Sunbit’s product allows brick and mortar retailers to create personalized payment plans for their customers, expanding the buying power of customers in real-time. The product brings data and decisioning technology to the POS through a personalized, easy-to-use payment method that assesses the client’s financial ability and provides him or her with tailored installment plans in split-seconds.

We’re about creating wins all around: The retailer earns an incremental sale, Sunbit successfully enables a transaction and gains a customer, and shoppers leave the store not just with a purchase, but with a new, powerful payment alternative on their mobile devices.