Upkey is an online-learning platform that helps students become more polished and prepared for the professional world.



Amir Badr, CEO




Chicago, IL

About Upkey

Upkey is the world’s first student incubator that provides students with innovative tools and enables them to demonstrate their grit and potential beyond just bullets and numbers. Upkey’s digital platform gives students the ability to polish, present, and brand themselves more effectively and amplify their success in transitioning into the professional world. To date, Upkey has worked with dozens of universities and corporate partners to help hundreds of students stand out from the crowd.

The Founding Story

Eighteen years ago, Amir Badr had a chance encounter with someone who would ultimately become his mentor and forever change his life. As a foreigner, trying to navigate a bustling airport, his future success in America came through a random connection and a lucky encounter.

Upkey was founded so that such important life-changing experiences are not left to chance. During his time at a Fortune 500, he started a diversity and inclusion program that helped identify and address diversity gaps through innovative solutions. After researching and testing with real students, he launched Upkey with several public and private institutions in 2014.